Urban Pearl Yoga


Hello, lovely you! I’m Nat and I’m so happy you’re here.

Most of us want the same things in life: happiness, emotional connection, a sense of fulfilment and love. And yet we all have times when we feel overwhelmed, disconnected, scared and alone. Here, at Urban Pearl Yoga, I want to invite you to let go of the struggle and reconnect to a life you can truly love. 

Here you’ll find yoga and mindfulness practices, including free online content, to help you get out of your noisy mind and regain your balance. I also share tools for intentional living to help you tap into your innate inner strength. On my blog, The Honest Yogi, I share my own journey and thoughts to give you encouragement and motivation. You can also sign up to my newsletter to receive access to a Bliss Box filled with a 10-day course, specially curated playlist, a morning yoga practice and meditation. You can also join my Blissful Book club, and receive a book gift from me.

I teach group and private classes, as well workshops and retreats worldwide where we go into all these practices in detail while making real-life connections.

No matter where we start in life, or where we are right now, we don't have to wear the shoes we’re given. Let's find the ones that really fit.






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