Be Kind: 3 Self-Care Tips

Be Kind Ah, January - how we love thee! Your grey skies, your biting winds and relentless rain. And, of course, the colds and flus that knock us out each year. This morning, I woke up with swollen tonsils, streaming eyes and a fuzzy head. Even the DHL lady told me I looked like poo! So, today, I've been doing everything I can to take care of myself and speed up the recovery time or, even better, stop this sickness in its tracks. They usually work for me and as they say, sharing is caring. So, here are my top 5 self-care tips to get through the sickness season:

Slow Things Down

We have a tendency to ignore the subtle signs of sickness creeping up on us because we feel we don't have *time* to get ill. But the truth is, pushing our bodies and ignoring those signs often means we don't give our immune system a chance to fight the illness off and before you know it, you're laid up on the sofa for days on end. Listen to what your body is telling you when you notice that scratchy throat or chills creeping up on you, and then take some time out. Cancel your evening plans and get an early night, leave work on time instead of late or, if you can, an hour early. Meditate. Don't underestimate the power of rest.

Eat Right

We are what we eat - that's a fact. And even though reaching for donuts and crisps might feel like medicine to you, it's not. Artificial sugars and fats can cause inflammation and hinder your immune system from doing its job properly - exactly what you don't want. Make sure to get as many fruits and vegetables as you can (smoothies are ace for this), especially citrus like oranges, lemons and grapefruits which are packed full of Vitamin C and can help boost your immune system.

Indulge, indulge, indulge 

When we're sick, we like to be looked after (well, most of us anyways). So the very first thing we should be doing, is looking after ourselves. Light some candles, watch your guilty pleasures on Netflix, give yourself a massage, take a long soak in the bath. Do whatever you feel is right for you. For me, that means wrapping up in a billion blankets, laying on the sofa and watching re-runs of Friends, or curling up with a book. Your body knows how to heal itself, and if you listen to it carefully, you'll know what to do.

What are your self-care tips for the sniffle-season?